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Kelley Ann Conway - Lincoln Day Dinner - Guest Speaker

Below is a letter sent by Mary Lou Sanborn to the Newport Daily News, March 2023

Where are the peace talks?


While the incompetent Biden Administration continues to send millions of dollars and weaponry to  the Ukraine, why is there no mention of peace talks?  As incompetent as they are, someone within the Biden Administration should initiate a dialogue between Russia and the Ukraine.  Instead the Biden Administration sends millions of hard earned taxpayers dollars and weaponry to the Ukraine with no accountability.  More money is being spent to continue the inflation issues and our arsenal is being depleted to the point we may become defenseless against other countries. .  Russia has now sided with China which leaves the United States in a very precarious position.  Who is watching out for America?   Am I pro-Putin?  - NO!:  Am I pro American?  - YES!  Americans deserve better!

May God continue to  bless America


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