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February 2024

Letter to the Editor


RI = HOPELESS,  Part 2


 Several weeks ago, I wrote a Letter to the Editor in which I mentioned the election of Gabe Amo as another Washington "political puppet" in the Obama/Biden/Raimondo administration who did not even support his Jewish donors in his voting (see Amo FEC records).  I also mentioned that nowhere else but in RI would the RI Democratic Party elect a chair whose husband is facing fraud allegations (Newport Daily News, November 13th).

And so the saga continues... Katherine Gregg, supposed reporter for the ProJo who publishes articles defaming the RI Republican Party anytime she can (Newport Daily News, January 11th).  There is Steven Brown, ACLU, "RI Communities go too far in their pot bans" (Newport Daily News, January 18)....really!  Are pot users his main concern?   State Senator Dawn Euer who is a member of many committees linked to "green initiatives".   Ms. Euer who could care less about the long term financial effect for RI residents AND who NEVER, EVER responds to questions or concerns addressed to her. BUT you can rest assured that it being an election year, we will see plenty of Ms. Euer.   Do I dare mention the fiasco of the Washington Bridge and what this fiasco will cost RI taxpayers????   

Everyone should take a look at what these people are NOT doing for RI and elect those who will support the residents of this state.    It is time for a change before our state collapses further.  Get informed, stay informed!

May God continue to bless America!


Mary Lou Sanborn


Jamestown Republican Town Committee  

January 2024


"Harvard President lacked Awareness"


With the reluctant resignation of embattled Harvard president, Claudine Gay, a sordid chapter at this once unassailable university has mercifully drawn to a close.  Regrettably, Gay went out on a decidedly low note, blaming her departure on the dark forces of racism and right-wing extremism.  There was no contrition.  No conciliatory tones.  No laudable displays of human awareness and consciousness. None of the sensibilities that would normally be expected of a university leader.


Through it all, Gay remained smug and arrogant, and blithely oblivious to just how artless, tone deaf, and ignorant she appeared.  In witnessing Gay's unseemingly lack of awareness, I was immediately reminded of an apt quote from famed American reformer and teacher, Amos Bronson Alcott, who many years ago said: "To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant."  How sublimely fitting for Ms. Gay.


Michael J. DiStefano


Article is printed with the permission of Michael DiStefano


December 26, 2023

Letter to the Editor




Even though the RI state motto is "Hope", RI continues to be a HOPELESS state.   The special election of Gabe Amo in Congressional District 1 is yet another example of HOPELESS RI.  Though the media has written this as an "historic" event, it is nothing of the sort except that Mt Amo is a black man.  Mr. Amo is yet another "political puppet" of the Obama/Biden/Raimondo  group....politicians who have destroyed our country and state and continue to do so.   .  During his recent campaign, he barely was visible except for TV broadcasted debates with no political message.   In his first vote as  Congressman, Mr. Amo voted "nay"  for bill H.RES.927.....Condemning anti Semitism on university campuses etc.  Mr. Amo voted against the Jewish people who contributed thousands of dollars to his campaign. (see Amo FEC records).  When are RI voters going to get informed and not just vote for the party?  

AND where else but in RI would the Democratic Party elect a state party chair whose husband is facing fraud allegations (Newport Daily News, November 13, 2023)?

These are only two examples of just how HOPELESS RI is!  

May God continue to bless America because it seems as if RI is being skipped over.


Mary Lou Sanborn


November 8, 2023

Even though he didn't win the special election, we wish Gerry Leonard a very bright future in politics.


November 9, 2023

Congratulations to JRTC member and Jamestown Board of Canvassers Republican member Hugh Murphy, winner of an award by the RI Republican Party for his efforts in identifying invalid signatures in the Conanicut Sanctuary City petition process. Under a lot of criticism from the Jamestown Town Council, Hugh did the right thing for the right reason. May many others step forward for the same reason.

RI Congressional District 1 Special Election - Hope or Hopeless

At a recent reception I attended where Bishop Henning, Diocese of Providence, was the speaker, he spoke of "HOPE" being the motto of Rhode Island.

The special election for RI Congressional District 1 is currently in progress.

HOPE for Rhode Islanders would be to vote and elect Gerry Leonard. A 30 year Marine veteran, Gerry would put "principles over politics" for our country and our state. His responsibilities and experiences in the Marines have given him the knowledge and aptitude to work for US in Washington.

HOPELESS would be to vote and elect Gabe Amo. Mr Amo is nothing more than a "political puppet" for the Obama,/Biden/Raimondo administrations. Politicians who have created disorder, chaos, and destruction our county and our state. Do you want more of the same in Washington?

Please vote for Gerry Leonard for Congress ...bring HOPE to Rhode Island and our country.

May God continue to bless America!

Mary Lou Sanborn


Ocean State Ranked Choice Voting

No Republican will ever get elected again if this process is moved and part of our election process. Visit below to learn why we should be concerned! 
Ocean State Ranked Choice Voting (

Below is a letter sent by Mary Lou Sanborn to the Newport Daily News, March 2023

Where are the peace talks?


While the incompetent Biden Administration continues to send millions of dollars and weaponry to  the Ukraine, why is there no mention of peace talks?  As incompetent as they are, someone within the Biden Administration should initiate a dialogue between Russia and the Ukraine.  Instead the Biden Administration sends millions of hard earned taxpayers dollars and weaponry to the Ukraine with no accountability.  More money is being spent to continue the inflation issues and our arsenal is being depleted to the point we may become defenseless against other countries. .  Russia has now sided with China which leaves the United States in a very precarious position.  Who is watching out for America?   Am I pro-Putin?  - NO!:  Am I pro American?  - YES!  Americans deserve better!

May God continue to bless America.


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