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POLITICAL ISSUES For Jamestowners 

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  • Lower taxes – stimulate the economy

  • Strong military

  • Fund the police so that they can keep us safe

  • Legal immigration and strong borders

  • Welfare work requirement

  • Right to life for the unborn (Pro-life)

  • There are two genders – male and female

  • America is free and fair to every race and religion

  • Our nation was founded on Judaic Christian principles by honest, God-fearing men

  • The U.S. Constitution should be supported and upheld

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  • Raise taxes at will for the “good of the people”

  • Shift money away from Defense to social give-away programs

  • Defund the police and let criminals out of prison early

  • Open borders and overwhelm Republican states with high social program costs and eventually granting citizenship to illegals

  • Welfare with no strings attached

  • Unlimited abortion at all stages of pregnancy (Pro-death)

  • You can be any of 21 genders 

  • Pro critical race theory – white people are oppressors

  • America was founded by slave-owning, white rich people

  • The Constitution needs to be re-written from the ground up

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Republican Women


"Made in America"

Support local, small businesses

"Made in America" only products.


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Fort Getty

Jamestown has a jewel of land at the campground that nets over $300,000 annually. We would explore Fort Getty's financial potential with improvements that might easily capture additional revenue for Jamestown priorities.

Affordable Housing and Senior Living

Like many RI communities we need to find affordable housing options for seniors and young people who desire to live and retire in Jamestown. Seniors, in particular, often require services both in Jamestown and off -island: transportation; social interaction; delivery of basic needs; and medical attention. We will work on this issue by looking at communities that have created successful senior living conditions and affordable housing for young families as well.  Learning from other communities will offer best practices to implement improved senior services, reasonable home purchases and rental opportunities. 

Downtown Revitalization

 Local businesses continue to struggle as they had prior to COVID-19.  We will explore feasible economic alternatives to assist existing and potentially new businesses thrive year-round and not just during the summer months, while maintaining the Jamestown charm and beauty of the island.


Parking is an important part of this revitalization effort in the downtown village areas. Applying important points from a recent study on Jamestown parking could improve this important issue that affects Jamestowners and tourists.

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