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POLITICAL ISSUES For Jamestowners 

The following are Letters to Editors written by several members of the Jamestown Republican Town Committee:


As I read last week’s Press article about the climate bill, I began to think about how we could possibly get to 0% emissions by 2050, and then it hit me, all state and municipal buildings, all businesses, and all residents and homeowners will be required to reduce their emissions to 0% as well for RI to reach the state goal of 0%. 

The RI State Legislature with this approved climate bill has delegated their authority to a board of appointed bureaucratic officials, who will mandate what type of car you drive, how you heat your home, and what food you can eat (no more meat or dairy). With this bill, say goodbye to the beautiful black and white cows roaming the fields on North Road.

I am in favor of reducing our “global” carbon footprint but being mandated by the government or a government appointed board with threats of lawsuits for non-conforming is the definition of an autocracy. We live in a democracy and there should be a market-based approach to carbon reductions “worldwide”. This bill needs to be vetoed by Governor McKee.

Linda Jamison

7 Ocean Ave



Don’t be misled by the article on the campaign titled “Let RI Vote” being led by State Senator Euer. The campaign is a blatant attempt to undermine the integrity of Rhode Island election process. The two bills being sponsored by Sen. Euer seek to overturn long-standing pillars of the RI Election Process. 

Senate Bill S516 will put into law a permanent mail ballot system, which will allow anyone to request a mail ballot and to vote by mail. This removes the requirement that existed long before the pandemic, where mail ballots were carefully parceled out as absentee ballots, shut-in ballots and ballots for active duty military. These ballots have to be certified by two witnesses who verified that the person voting was, in fact, the registered voter who requested the mail ballot. The removal of this witness requirement opens up many avenues for fraudulent voting. Who is verifying that the person voting is the registered voter? Why is the two witness requirement there in the first place? Answer to ensure voting integrity, to prevent individuals from fraudulently submitting ballots and to prevent “vote harvesting”. By removing this safeguard the opportunity for fraud increases exponentially. 

Senate Bill S569 removes 30-day residency requirement, allowing new residents to vote just by showing up at a polling place and opening the door again for fraud. Unscrupulous people, who may not even live in that city or town, will be able just to show up at a polling place and vote. 

Summary – In conclusion, both these bills should be rejected because they undermine the integrity of Rhode Island elections. Please let your state representatives know your opposition. 

Hugh Murphy

Member, Jamestown Board of Canvassers

Stern St.




                 Biden/Harris - A Fire that Needs to be Controlled


Very recently I read the headlines of a column written by NY Times columnist , Gail Collins, titled "Biden is going like a house on fire" .  Yes, he is going like a raging forest fire that is totally out of control!  The team of Biden/Harris are incompetent and incapable of running this country.  In a few short months, they have issued destructive executive orders and initiated  budgets that will have a long term detrimental effect on America.   Their border crossing executive order has resulted in complete chaos not only to those crossing the southern border but also to those living along the border......where is their thought process?  Canceling the Keystone project has meant a loss of good jobs for many Americans and will make this country more dependent on foreign oil......where is their thought process?   The trillions of dollars identified as Stimulus Packages contain more funding for other than those who really need the funding.......where is their thought process?  The trillions of dollars identified as Infrastructure spending included such things as child care.....where is their thought process?  


The above are just several of the major issues but there are many more including free speech.  AND please do not think these are progressive moves.  THEY ARE NOT! Progressive means moving forward.  These movements are leaning towards socialism/communism and moving our country away from its freedom and liberties.



Americans need to wake up and stand up for what is right for America and  Americans.  This administration is playing to the Democratic elite and big tech and not representing the majority of American people.   


Mary Lou Sanborn

Jamestown Resident

Republican Women


"Made in America"

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 Be a part of this movement 


Fort Getty

Jamestown has a jewel of land at the campground that nets over $300,000 annually. We would explore Fort Getty's financial potential with improvements that might easily capture additional revenue for Jamestown priorities.

Affordable Housing and Senior Living

Like many RI communities we need to find affordable housing options for seniors and young people who desire to live and retire in Jamestown. Seniors, in particular, often require services both in Jamestown and off -island: transportation; social interaction; delivery of basic needs; and medical attention. We will work on this issue by looking at communities that have created successful senior living conditions and affordable housing for young families as well.  Learning from other communities will offer best practices to implement improved senior services, reasonable home purchases and rental opportunities. 

Downtown Revitalization

 Local businesses continue to struggle as they had prior to COVID-19.  We will explore feasible economic alternatives to assist existing and potentially new businesses thrive year-round and not just during the summer months, while maintaining the Jamestown charm and beauty of the island.


Parking is an important part of this revitalization effort in the downtown village areas. Applying important points from a recent study on Jamestown parking could improve this important issue that affects Jamestowners and tourists.

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