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  • Lower taxes – stimulate the economy

  • Strong military

  • Fund the police so that they can keep us safe

  • Legal immigration and strong borders

  • Welfare work requirement

  • Right to life for the unborn (Pro-life)

  • There are two genders – male and female

  • America is free and fair to every race and religion

  • Our nation was founded on Judaic Christian principles by honest, God-fearing men

  • The U.S. Constitution should be supported and upheld


  • Raise taxes at will for the “good of the people”

  • Shift money away from Defense to social give-away programs

  • Defund the police and let criminals out of prison early

  • Open borders and overwhelm Republican states with high social program costs and eventually granting citizenship to illegals

  • Welfare with no strings attached

  • Unlimited abortion at all stages of pregnancy (Pro-death)

  • You can be any of 21 genders 

  • Pro critical race theory – white people are oppressors

  • America was founded by slave-owning, white rich people

  • The Constitution needs to be re-written from the ground up


 Chair:                Mary Lou Sanborn

 Vice Chair:      Murray Charron

 Secretary:       Michelle Pickering

 Treasurer :     Linda Jamison


Social Coordinator:                Morgan McKay

Membership Coordinator:  Tom Raczelowski


RI GOP Central Committee members:

Delegates:  Linda Jamison & Michelle Pickering

Alt delegates: Ramona Bessigner & Tom Raszelowski

Jamestown Republicans

Balanced With Common Sense

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